RECENT Customers’ REVIEWS and testimonials

Dr Skalnyi recently moved to her new private practice, STE 145. I am a mother of 8 month old twin girls and Dr. Skalnyi was my OB. I had a serious complication with the heart and stayed at Mills for around 2 weeks when my babies went home without me. Not only was she my OB, she became my therapist in this traumatic situation. I'm going to keep it short and simple. I've referred every single female friend to Alla and I have NEVER received anything negative. All praises!! She will be by your side when you need her the most. You will love her! – Connie N., San Francisco, CA

I felt she was knowledgeable in her field, and (most importantly) she was just a really nice person. I actually left her office feeling happy that I went, instead of frustrated, confused and upset. She called me when my results came in, and (at my request) promptly mailed me a copy. I'm so glad that I finally found a doctor I really like. Now I'll be sticking to the recommended annual exam instead of making it a tri-annual occurrence. – Stephanie R., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Skalyni is a fantastic ob/gyn and I love her! She started caring for me during my pregnancy with my second child and recently assisted with my repeat c-section too - she is calming, attentive, and caring and has a great bedside manner. She really takes the time at each visit to answer questions and build a relationship with her patients! She definitely kept me calm during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy when I developed high blood pressure. So happy she is one of my ob/gyns and I recommend her without hesitation! –Michelle M., San Francisco, CA

I was able to book an appointment just a few days in advance (instead of having to wait three weeks like with my last ob/gyn). I didn't have to sit in the waiting room forever before she could see me (maybe 15 minutes tops) and the best thing about it is she took her time with me, answered my questions and explained what she was doing as we went along. I didn't feel at all like she was trying to hurry me in and out the door, and I appreciated the time she took to address my concerns and show me personalized care. –Stephanie R., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Skalnyi was God sent when I had my first baby. I found her during my 3rd trimester and she took me in with open arms. If you're in the Peninsula and looking for a good O.B, I would recommend her to everyone!!! She is so sweet and always takes her time answering any questions and explaining everything. She has amazing bedside manners and is the best I have ever had. She gives you her cell number and has answered every time I called her during after hours. Labor and delivery with Dr. Skalnyi was great too. My whole family loved her!! I plan on seeing her again and hope to have another child in the near future because I plan on staying with the same OB! Team Dr. Skalnyi!!!! woohoo –Martha F., Peninsula, CA

Alla Skalnyi is a very nice doctor. I would recomend her to all of my friends. At first, she is very positive person. Second, she speaks russian and for me as for russian it is a big plus. Third, you can make an appointment and visit her at the same day. My primary doctor recommended her to me and now I'm happy to be as a patient of doctor Skalnyi. –Jane B., San Francisco, CA

I was so lucky to have Dr. Skalnyi at my side during my pregnancy. She is patient, kind, generous with her time and attention, and most of all, absolutely loving. She is always available and called me to check in on me. Can you imagine any other doctor doing that? She gave me all the time I needed and answered and calmed all of my neurotic fears. She has a great sense of humor as well. During my delivery she was a true calming force and the best cheerleader I could have asked for. –Sarah B., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Skalnyi is the best ob/gyn I have ever seen. She is knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and friendly. She took almost an hour to sit and talk with me and performed a quick and easy exam during our first meeting. She answered questions, took time to print off literature and provide me some basic education about my disorder, and listened to my concerns. I have never had a doctor take this much time and respect my knowledge of my own body. Also, Dr. Skalnyi makes herself available to patients by email so that questions or concerns can maybe be answered without a the necessity of a copay. Thank you Dr. Skalnyi!! –Kitty F., San Francisco, CA

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Skalnyi after conducting a significant amount of research about OBs in the area. I checked a variety of sources, including Dr. Skalnyi's website and her life story as well as the feedback on Yelp and Yahoo Local helped me choose her. I was very skeptical because of the so many disappointments I had in the past, but was pleasantly surprised by the way I was treated. The appointment was very easy. I was seen when it is convenient for me and most importantly on time. The staff was very nice and helpful. When Dr. Skalnyi entered the room I immediately felt that I will be well taken care of. She is an extremely nice individual. Her demeanor is exemplary. She is very down to earth, approachable, uses easy to understand words (without that medical lingo thing). All these personal qualities are supplemented by excellent professionalism. She was able to quickly address my condition and after developing the plan we started the treatment. Shortly thereafter I started to feel better and a few days later experienced full relief from my symptoms. I will tell all my girl-friends about her, because she is the best OB I encountered, and I do not plan to look for another one. –Sonya G., San Francisco, CA

Such a great specialist! I had to wait for sometime, but it was worth waiting! Alla answered all of my questions patiently, resolved my doubts and explained all the options in details, she also gave me some very good advice. Very attentive and caring person. –Natalie P., San Francisco, CA

I am new to the area and was looking for a gynecologist. Made an appointment and was seen the very next day. Dr. Skalnyi was right on-time. She welcomed me to the community, listened patiently to everything I had to say. I never felt rushed and got the sense that I will be well cared for. This doctor has a great demeanor, is very kind, understanding, and easy to communicate with. She avoided the use of the "medical lingo" and helped me understand everything using plain English. I highly recommend her and happy to say that I got myself and Ob. –Michelle K., San Francisco, CA

I went to this doctors office as a new patient! I was able to make an appointment and see Dr.Skalnyi the same day, it was great. She was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend seeing this doctor! –Jackie G., San Francisco, CA

What a great experience. Fantastic, loving, and caring doctor and person. Never thought that a visit to a gynecologist can be so easy and comforting. Highly recommended. –Jaquleen M., San Francisco, CA

I needed an OB doctor and Dr. Skalnyi was recommended to me by a friend that delivered a baby recently. This turned out to be the best recommendation I ever got and I am glad I took it. Dr. Alla is a fantastic doctor. Besides being an excellent expert in her field, she is a super nice person. She is calm, attentive, reassuring, and gives you a ton of comfort during the visit. I never felt that I am being rushed. She listened to all my questions, gave me answers in a language that I can understand. She is a truly caring individual.
The office is beautiful. Decorations, furniture and everything else helped me avoid the feeling of a medical office. Her staff is super-nice. They go way beyond the call of duty. They helped me understanding the specifics of my insurance and find the least costly way to get my tests done. How refreshing... I highly recommend Dr. Skalnyi to anyone that is looking for an Ob/Gyn doctor. –Mary S., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Skalyni and her team are wonderful.
I had lost my hope in finding a doctor who would spend time to take care of me, but my hope was back when I decided to see Dr. Skalyni. My decision was based on other reviews and those people didn't lie :-) My positive experience with Dr. Skalyni started when I called her office requesting an appointment and I was impressed with the attention spent to me. The girl who helped me (sorry, but I am terrible with names) was very nice and managed to find a time that fitted my schedule. When I got to the office, I was so glad to see smiles on the staff's faces. While I was waiting for the doctor in the exam room, the nurse came to let me know that the doctor was coming and then we had a very nice chat and while we were still chatting the doctor came and we all spent some time laughing together...have you ever had a time like that with your doctor here in the USA??? I haven't, but now.... I have
Dr. Skalyni chatted a little before we got into "my business" and then she spent almost 2 hours to know me. She asked me questions and wanted to make sure she got to know me. I couldn't believe it. I even felt bad because being the last patient I made all of them to leave later that day, but Dr. Skalyni wanted to make sure we had a good and positive beginning in our doctor/patient relationship. I totally recommend Dr. Skalyni because she is a warm, dedicated and caring doctor as well all her staff.
Thank you Dr. Skalyni –Mary R., Burlingame, CA